Bespoke bicycles
handmade in Bristol

Bespoke bicycles handmade in Bristol


Here are some of the Rusby cycles currently in existence. Every one is the result of a close collaboration with the customer, high-end materials and hours of meticulous work. They are all totally unique, flawlessly finished and full of little details, which you can see by flicking through the slideshows below. You can also see more up-to-date photos of bikes I’m working on on Instagram.

Dom’s Belt Drive Commuter

Dom’s bike was designed for his 15-mile daily commute into London. It needed to be dependable, low-maintenance, comfortable and, of course, classy. The frame and fork are constructed from Reynolds 853, which make it both tough and lightweight. Together we decided to use lugs to give a nice contrast with the modern belt-drive and these have all been hand-carved and fillet-brazed to make their shape more aesthetically pleasing. Dom wanted a subtle paint scheme but left it to me to come up with some more intricate details that are visible on closer inspection. The writing down the chainstay is a sort of life motto of Dom’s that also motivates him on the more difficult stretches of a ride.

Images by Ben Broomfield Photography

Luke’s Road Bike

Luke’s bike was built to be fast, yet comfortable over long days and the odd madcap cycling challenge. The ‘stealth’ aesthetic is given a touch of flair with the polka fork and stem, which are very satisfying to glance down at when sitting on the bike. As with all Rusby graphics and logos these dots are painted in-house (rather than using decals). The fork is Columbus Minimal and the tubing a mixture of Columbus Life, Spirit and Xcr.

Timo’s all-weather runaround

Timo is most definitely not a fair-weather cyclist and he wanted a bike that he could ride year-round in his native Finland. The bike was to have a classic feel to it but have some modern components that would perform well in snowy conditions. For this reason we went for a belt drive, TRP Spyre disc brakes and bomb-proof Chris King parts. The frame is made from (stainless) Reynolds 953 to make it lightweight, give it some extra protection against the elements and allow for some nice detailing in the paintwork, particularly in showing off the bi-laminate head tube.

Steve’s 953 Road Bike

Steve approached me with quite a clear idea of how he wanted this bike to look, which included the wishbone seatstays and some very neat solutions for the seat post and cable routing. The frame is made from Reynolds 953 tubing, polished to a mirror finish in places and painted with go-faster stripes and circles for racing numbers to make it suggestive of Steve’s favourite sports car, the AC Cobra. The frame’s integrated seatpost has a wedge seatpost inside which I made especially for the bike. This gives a small amount of saddle adjustment and does away with the need for a binder bolt on the outside, preserving those nice clean lines. Finished with Dura Ace, 3T and Chris King parts, this is one classy machine.

Dhiren’s Fixed Gear Bike

Dhiren’s fixed gear bike has the same geometry as his road bike and was intended to keep his legs spinning on fast commutes and training rides. The bike has an Italian theme with Columbus Life and Xcr tubing, mostly Italian components and a Giro d’Italia- inspired paint scheme. The integrated bars and stem are also custom made and these, along with the three stainless steel bridges and the bi-laminate bottom bracket shell are some of my favourite features of the bike.