Bespoke bicycles
handmade in Bristol

Bespoke bicycles handmade in Bristol


Here are some of the Rusby cycles currently in existence. Every one is the result of a close collaboration with the customer, high-end materials and hours of meticulous work. They are all totally unique, flawlessly finished and full of little details, which you can see by flicking through the slideshows below. You can also see more up-to-date photos of bikes I’m working on on Instagram.

Jake’s Town Bike

Jake's bike Jake's bike Jake's bike Jake's bike Jake's bike

This bike was built for London. Fast, nippy and yet comfortable (relatively) going over those unexpected potholes. The brake cables are routed through the handlebar and stem combo giving the bike a very clean look at the front. We went for cantilever brakes to give the bike a bit more stopping power and these become a very nice feature, as they stick out from the slimline frame. The Gates Carbon Drive is the perfect compliment to this low-maintenance runaround.