Bespoke bicycles
handmade in Bristol

Bespoke bicycles handmade in Bristol



Rusby frames are all handmade to order and are tailored precisely to the customer. I will be able to offer advice on the countless options available for a bespoke bicycle and then transform your idea of how you want your bike to feel and look into the real thing.


The basic price of a painted frame (without fork) ranges from £1550 to £2400, largely depending on the type of tubing used. Some frame features, stainless steel polishing and extra fancy paint schemes add to the cost and as there are so many variables, each frame is priced individually and properly quoted for prior to starting the build. I have a guideline price list, which details some of the options available, so please get in touch if you would like me to email this to you.

The process of acquiring a Rusby starts with a conversation on email, the phone or at my workshop. If, after this, you would like to order a bike from me, I require a non-refundable £200 deposit to secure a place in the build queue. Certain specifications such as the choice of tubing need to be decided early on, whilst other details can be finalised during the wait time, which is typically between 3 and 7 months. The cost of the bike is then paid in two more instalments- about 60% when I start ordering the parts and the rest on completion.


Although I can sell frame and fork only, I prefer to build up complete bikes. This way I can make sure that all the components will work together both functionally and visually on the frame. I have a price list detailing my favourite options for road bike components, though I can supply pretty much any part and quote for them before starting a build. Included in the price is the work of an expert mechanic to build up your bike. I can also source handbuilt wheels and I work closely with a hugely experience wheelbuilder.



Correct setup makes a huge difference to the comfort, efficiency and handling of a bike. One of the joys of full custom is that the geometry and dimensions of the frame can be tuned precisely to you and the sort of riding you wish to do. I highly recommend having a fitting done when ordering a bike and I can recommend some excellent bike fitters. I can also work to other fitters’ reports or replicate the geometry and fit of an existing frame you are happy with.